Creating Techniques or Techniques to Create

I hate using textbook instructions to create. Fine, I will use it to get someone’s way of doing things initially, but once I know the basics, I want to stop plagiarizing, and start being original.

This also makes it hard for me to learn.

The other day, for example, I thought I would just start knitting something simple as a means of relaxation. Unfortunately, I was not alone in the house. Two very well meaning ladies took my fledgling knitting knowledge under their wings, and coached me, the evidently unwilling but quiet apprentice, what they knew. Inbox me if you would like to know how I did this in the end 😀



This is also the reason the six years I spent studying art was so hard. Learning from someone who constantly berated and lectured, criticized and went off… all I could do was bite my tongue and not return the favour, and there would be less drama.

Through the years, however, my lecturer learned to respect me as an artist for my art history and technical knowledge. So there was some talent after all.

Back to the topic: Creating Techniques or Techniques to Create. I can seriously not tell you that there is only one way in which to use a paintbrush or pencil. There are many. And since I am also very aware of how much you need to remember what you learn with each medium, I would encourage you to use one medium till you are at ease with it. Make the mistakes, make the blotches and mash-ups. Let it be a science-experiment. Discover some new things… Go the extra furlong on an assignment… drive your classmates crazy with your determination and grit…

Here is a Feather I did as a mixed media project in my first year. Teaching Degree. Art Class.

Step 1. Draw what you think a feather looks like on a small piece of paper with a black pen. Name it. Hand it in.

Step 2. Pick out a feather and draw it on another small piece of paper, this time, looking closely, adding shades, shadows, lines, detail, dark and light. Permanent marker on plain white newsprint. Cut to half A3 of course.

Step 3. Draw patterns resembling the initial theme in the background, using white wax crayon.

Step 4. Ink over the white wax crayon with a variety of different coloured inks, green, grey, blue (I’m sure I went a bit over-the-top with this one)

Step 5. Use pastels to fill in the edges not painted with ink – I really went crazy here. Now you can see I love multi-colours!!

Step 6. My Favourite Step. Tear strips of solid colour from a magazine and use to reflect the colours already used in the picture.

And there you go. So many different techniques practiced in one go.. one artwork… three months. And a lot of fun. I felt every centimetre of it. I hope you do too.

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